Software Inventory

One of the main tasks of a successful network administrator is software inventory. It is also useful for any wise manager who seeks to rationalize the use of the company's assets. For many firms the software inventory tools are saving troubles counting the software instances and preventing the danger of violating the licensing terms.

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While the tool is installing itself, take a look at the main features you'll be using in minutes:

Scan the LAN for all the software installed

Q: I need to get the report of all the software installed in our network. Can it be done quickly and easily?
A: Sure! Network Inventory Advisor will provide you with all the information you've mentioned without end-users' assistance, without even leaving your seat and within a dozen of minutes after you stop reading this.

Track the software licenses

Q: I am not sure we have all the software licensed properly: some licenses might have expired, some keys might be entered twice, and some might be not used at all while we are purchasing the new ones.
A: Network Inventory Advisor will not only count the number of the software copies installed on the network, but will generate a full and clear report on the licenses in use, so that you can easily compare it to the numbers of licenses you own. Use this info to optimize the software purchasing and updating procedures in your company.

Locate where some software is installed

Q: So, if I spot the overuse of some licenses, will this tool also show me where the listed software copies are installed to let us take the measures?
A: Yes, Network Inventory Advisor will allow you to see the list of the computers in your network where the tracked software are installed.

Track the changes of the software installed

Q: I am almost impressed now. But what about the reports validity for a long term? Tomorrow someone will install a new application or remove the unused ones...
A: That's a normal process inside any company! Before all you can use the scheduling option to set the regular scans to keep your report up-to-date. And secondly, you can use the function of reporting and alerting the changes to the software installations.

Be aware of the banned software usage

Q: I have a delicate question: you know there are certain applications which the employers are not allowed to use. What is the chance we will be able to track such nodes?
A: It is still more simple that you could image! The special function will let you tag the prohibited apps after the general scan is complete in order to then make a list of the nodes with illegal software installations.

Watch over each individual computer

Q: I couldn't expect more! So, I assume there is no problem with inspecting the software installations for each and every computer individually in case we need it.
A: No problem at all! You can view the individual report from each PC which can include all the details about software installed.

Operating System details discovery

Q: Thanks, I am eager to try it immediately!
A: Before you get down to trialing Network Inventory Advisor, we want to remark that it also lets you get the OS details from all the network computers. Find out everything: OS version, product key, serial number, service packs, etc.

Network Inventory Advisor is a reliable and user-friendly utility for monitoring the software, installed on your company's network, analyzing the licensing and making the right decisions in regards to purchasing the new licenses or updating the old ones.

"Network Inventory Advisor can easily detect all installed software and report back versions, install dates, publishers, and other relevant PC software inventory data..."
by Derek Lee

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