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Do you know how many machines there are in your company LAN? If yes, this is not a bad start. Now, do you have in mind or on paper how many devices there are in the office and which software is installed on all the PCs? How exactly do you track this all? Do you go from machine to machine, counting the software and hardware instances from a Control Panel and taking the info down to Excel file?

We know what a troublesome process it is! And let us bet you have lots of such spreadsheets on the HDD if your company has been afloat for many years. We hope you realize that's not the way the things should be done in the 21st century, don't you?

We understand the crave you are having for simplifying the process. And we are glad you have found our website, because from this day on the things will get easier! There's a good news for everyone searching for a hardware and software inventory tool. Network Inventory Advisor is the advanced software utility for performing the network inventory tasks on Windows-, Macs- and Linux-populated networks and SNMP devices.

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Select the type of inventory scanning which fits your needs

There are three scanning types available in Network Inventory Advisor which you can select from: Agent deployment method is the most reliable and doesn't generate much network traffic. Use it to gather all kind of data from remote computers on your LAN.

HOW? Launch your local copy of Network Inventory Advisor to quickly upload the agent and start the scan on remote machines. On completing the scan, all agent-related files will be removed from the scanned computers.
RESULT: all the gathered data will be carefully stored on the admin's PC.

Agent-free scan can be selected from the start in case installing the agent is not possible or desirable. This type of scan will be automatically launched in case of the agent installation failure.

HOW? Network Inventory Advisor will access the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) directly on each machine in the network to get the required inventory data.
RESULT: you will get all the data which is stored in the WMI loaded to the admin's module. Note that we recommend to use the agent-deployment method for best results.

Manual scanning is useful if you have a huge network and there were some offline nodes when you performed either of the two scan methods mentioned above.

HOW? This method lets you run Network Inventory Advisor from a USB Flash Drive with the agent stored on it.
RESULT: Thus, you will gather all the needed info which can be then added to your network report.

Automate your network assets scan

With Network Inventory Advisor it is very easy to automate your network inventory scans to make them regular and to keep reports updated.

Scheduling: No more reminders or alarm clocks needed! Just launch the admin's module of the application, select the Schedule Scan option and set the dates and times for all types of network inventory tasks you need to be performed. From now on, only Network Inventory Advisor will keep an eye on generating up-to-date inventory reports!

Automation: The usage of logon script will give you a chance to get the work done with a minimum level of intervention. You can run the agent through a domain logon script thus uploading the needed inventory data directly to Network Inventory Advisor on your admin's PC

Track the assets which are outside the network

Network Inventory Advisor will surprise you with its capabilities: in spite of the connotation of its name, it can also track the offline IT-assets:

Perform the scanning tasks on the offline nodes: this is not a big deal if you have several PCs which are not in the LAN or which were switched off during the regular scanning. Just save Network Inventory Advisor on the USB Flash Drive and perform the same scan on each of the PCs to easily add the lacking reports to the general.

List all kinds of the standalone non-network inventory such as: excessive electronic devices, standalone hardware, furniture, whiteboards or else. Just use the corresponding function to manually include the IT-assets which you need to track.


In short, any hardware or software stuff present in your office and in your company network can be covered by the inventory reports by Network Inventory Advisor to give you a more complete picture of your IT-assets.

"...No network is too large for Network Inventory Advisor!"
by Derek Lee

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