Hardware Inventory

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and reliable tool to scan your entire network and to get a detailed report about the hardware connected to each and every of the network PCs? You have found it! Network Inventory Advisor software provides a convenient representation of the inventory data, a network summary report, a variety of grouping options, customizable alerts and much more! All those functions make hardware inventory as easy as cake.

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While the trial version is being downloaded, have a quick look at an imaginary workshop with the potential user about the main benefits this software can bring:

Global summary of network hardware

Q: We know that we have several CPU's on the LAN that are not compatible with 64-bit OS systems. In order to prepare our network for 64-bit OS migration we need to locate all such nodes. How could this be done quickly?
A: Network Inventory Advisor will do the work. After a network scan it generates an aggregated summary on the network hardware as well as a detailed list of all installed hardware in your network. Every piece of hardware could be analyzed and reported back together with the names of all the machines where it is installed.

Hardware audit by every PC

Q: We are planning to upgrade the computers at our marketing dept., but we surely need to know in details the actual state of things, i.e. the hardware specs of every computer we plan to upgrade.
A: You'll have it! All the hardware details for every selected PC, such as: CPU, motherboard, video card, HDD, CD/DVD drive, network adapters, etc., are already gathered in the most convenient reports you've ever seen.

Hardware changes tracking

Q: We don't want to suspect anybody but it seems that several graphic cards were changed. Is there any way to monitor the state of the hardware on our network and to easily track down the changes in HW configurations?
A: We know what you are talking about and here is the right solution for you! You will receive automatic alerts from Network Inventory Advisor every time some HW is added/removed/replaced in your LAN. You can also easily build a report listing all the changes made to the computers' hardware in comparison to the last known configuration.

Alerts about HD low space

Q: This tool seems to be a good fit for our needs! I just cannot imagine what else to ask for... My hands are burning to try it right away!
A: We can tell you that you can also stay aware of the hard drives space left, on either all network PCs or on individual machines. Besides, setting the minimal disk space value acceptable allows you to start getting alerts when someone is running out of free HD free space.


Network Inventory Advisor will assist you to discover the network hardware and determine which computers are candidates for upgrades. From now on you know a clever way to plan the IT-assets upgrades and to use your hardware resources more effectively.

"Network Inventory Advisor can easily detect all installed software and report back versions, install dates, publishers, and other relevant PC software inventory data..."
by Derek Lee

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