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If you find yourself on this page, you - most probably - have been looking for the software solution to manage the inventory work which you might be tired or not willing to do manually. We know many companies and individuals who confessed their inventory tasks were making them frustrated.

Do you know why? Because it's a routine kind of work which can and should be automated by modern technologies! In the meanwhile you will use your brains and time for analyzing the data gathered. Truly, that's what we all aim at: to save the time for creative and mental tasks.

No matter what you were looking for - either an inventory solution for a single computer or a reporter of hardware & software installed in your office/house or you were after an advanced analyzer for a huge corporate network - Network Inventory Advisor can manage all those tasks with ease!

How come? We recommend to start downloading the free trial version while we will give you a quick overview of Network Inventory Advisor's benefits.

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What are the main inventory challenges and how do you solve them?

Challenge #1: It takes some efforts when you want to find out the state of your local computer, doesn't it? The journey through a Control Panel could cost you much. Not to mention the amount of work to be done when you need to inventory several computers...

Solution: Network Inventory Advisor is your time rescuer that allows to quickly summarize the data from any/all computers in a detailed report with a complete stat on: installed hardware, licenses usage, OS details, etc.

Conclusion: You can easily get the required details for every computer in your network

Challenge #2: There are lots of computers you need to track and many of them have different OS installed. Perhaps, you have even tried using some computer inventory software? Now, you need one tool for all the inventory tasks. And that's reasonable.

Solution: Network Inventory Advisor features network discovery techniques to automatically find all Windows, Mac and Linux machines as well as IP-powered network devices (SNMP v1/v2c supported).

Conclusion: You have found the inventory tool with multi-OS support.

Challenge #3: Not only gathering the data, but also its proper processing is among your tasks. You surely need the right representation of the data and the possibility to build different kinds reports using all or some of the data collected.

Solution: You can easily group any nodes in your network thus provides you with the opportunity to analyze only assets you need.

Conclusion: You now have an extremely simple and convenient IT assets management tool.

Start using the free trial you have just downloaded and feel welcome to contact us if you happen to have any questions!

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