IT asset inventory

Our solution is aimed at fulfilling all of your network inventory tasks instead of you. Meanwhile you can focus on your business growing and win time for the new essential goals.

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Network inventory: keep every network asset under control! Our agent-less software scans every computer or network device and generates inventory reports you need.

Hardware inventory: our solution collects all data about the hardware installed in your network. So you can easily carry out upgrades plans, find those computers where the resources don't match executable tasks and detect changes in hardware configurations.

Software inventory: track software installations, versions, OS details, licenses and services on all computers in your network.

Non-network asset tracking: his software will keep record of all your inventory, even non-IT and non-network assets could be added to your inventory reports.

License compliance: our tool aids you to effectively manage the network assets and to avoid risks of noncompliance. You can easily track installations, keys and find discrepancies between licenses in use and the licenses possessed.

Multi-OS support: our utility discovers all your network assets including those on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, SNMP-powered devices etc.

"If you are in the market for such software, or if your managers request ad-hoc reports out of the blue and they need them really quickly - this could be a perfect tool where it can save you an incredible amount of time..."
Jes Darmanin - IT News blog

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